Review: Big Hero 6 (2014, Don Hall & Chris Williams)


Disney pretty much has a consistent track record then any major studio in Hollywood. And that statement isn’t blowing anything out of proportion because they have dozens of Oscars to prove it (across the board in numerous categories), the box office, and substance in their animated features that’ll give both adults and children enjoyable memories in movie theatres. Though Disney doesn’t always come up with trailers that “wow” me (most of their trailers look pretty much the same and doesn’t really excite adults, including the one for this particular feature), I’ve always found the actual movies to be pleasant surprises that is both heartwarming and totally re-watchable.

Big Hero 6 is no different from their other big motion pictures that will try to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Though it may not have the instant classic status that Frozen immediately got last year with its showy musical numbers and quick humour, Big Hero 6 isn’t only better written but it’s a better film all together. The movie decides to put aside large musical numbers and come up with a complex and touching story about dealing with loss, disguised as a super hero movie, that has a good message and pretty great animation. But arguably, that’s where the problem lies. It seems like most of the children in the audience didn’t understand the film and the many twists and turns directing team Don Hall and Chris Williams provides their audience.

Ryan Potter voices Hiro, the films leading character, a smart but hard headed kid who knows almost everything about robots (and at fifteen years old too, if only I had this kid’s brains). When his old brother Tadashi (Daniel Henney) creates a robot named Baymax (Scott Adsit) who serves a human’s every medical need, the two form an unlikely friendship when a tragedy hits the family.


As simple as the plot sounds, I’m just trying not to give away too many details about the actual film. The story is a roller coaster of excitement and achieves something that The Lego Movie (2014) doesn’t. The writing that Big Hero 6 boasts doesn’t only challenge children and adults to think with it’s different twists and riddles, but it seems like every line of dialogue was thought of, contributing more layers to the character’s (especially Hiro) depth. Like I stated earlier, this form of storytelling and emotional content that Disney conveys within the film may not always be relatable or understandable to children, but at least when they grow up it’ll be fresher and something that kids can enjoy as they get older. And with respect to one of DIsney’s films last year, Big Hero 6 had a lot more to offer then that money hungry, horrendous film called Monster’s University (2013) which has absolutely bad morals and an even more ridiculous message.

The technical aspects of the film is just what you expect from a Disney animated movie. The cool score which plays swiftly as our heroes go through the majestic and beautiful Japanese inspired land in the film is the perfect fit. And the visual effects and CGI animation is just to die for. Though it’s pretty much a close call for me, I’d say that the film is better then The Lego Movie for one reason alone: the message is not cliche and it gives a better and newer outlook on a theme that not many mainstream animated films like to explore.

RATING: 8.5/10


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