Upcoming on the blog. Chinomatography’s tentative calendar.

zodiac-presGreetings! Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr., say hello. That’s a still from 2007’s Zodiac, as a little tease for my RETROSPECTIVE for that particular year, which I’ll be finished with tomorrow. Right after this post, I’ll be seeing my last two films to complete that particular year and those two are The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and In the Valley of Ellah. Hopefully, they’ll make dents in my lineups, but I’m not too worried if they don’t because 2007 has been my favourite year to do so far. So many great films and power house performances. Please watch out for that one! (DISCLAIMER for fans of No Country for Old Men, I’ve always hated it so don’t expect it to pop up a lot in my RETROSPECTIVE tomorrow).

Whiplash-4868.cr2I’m also damn excited about Whiplash because I think I’ll be seeing it tomorrow. THIS IS MY MOST ANTICIPATED FILM OF THE YEAR, so there’s high expect ions for this one. There’s finally a special screening here in Manila and you won’t find me anywhere else tomorrow if I can find myself tickets to it. Here’s a tentative list of my viewing calendar in theatres for the rest of 2014 and the first part of January. Not all movies have a release date in Manila yet, but I thought it would be interesting to post which movies do already and when they’ll be out over here (courtesy of ClicktheCity.com). I’ll be posting corresponding reviews probably immediately after viewing. Stay tune!

15 – Kill the Messenger, Whiplash
22 – Fury, The Judge, Nightcrawler
29 – Laggies, The Homesman 

06 – Big Hero Six, Intersellar
12 – The Drop
19 – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 

05 – Exodus: Gods and Kings 

08 – Annie
14 – Into the Woods
21 – American Snipper

I’m almost 100% sure a lot of these are bound to change. We don’t exactly get the best movie releases here unless they’re big blockbusters, but I’m not complaining. Plus when dates come nearer, more films will be popping up left and right. Wish me luck tomorrow for Whiplash! Have a good day everyone.

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