Best Picture Series Overview


GOOD EVENING READERS! (If I even have any)!
Tomorrow (hopefully) marks the first day of CHINOMATOGRAPHY’S BEST PICTURE SERIES. Where I’ll be watching an Academy Award winning Best Picture and writing a piece about it. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a criticism, but more or less a retrospective, overviews, summary and my opinions about the film. Tomorrow I start with the first Best Picture, 1927’s Wings. Ending before 2015 Oscar night with 12 Years a Slave. I’ve made promises with myself before, but this one I’ll try to keep the best. So wish me luck!

What to expect from Chinomatography’s Best Picture Series:
Lots of photographs
– Film summary
– Opinions (on the film and that year’s Oscar race)
– Best performance in the film
– A look at the direction, the cinematography, the score and the production design

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