Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014, Marc Webb)

hr_The_Amazing_Spider-Man_2_23RATING: 6.5/10

Director: Marc Webb
Cast: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Sally Field, Colm Feorce, Felicity Jones, Paul Giamatti, Emeth Davidtz, Campbell Scott
Screenplay: Alex Kurtzman, Robert Orci & Jeff Pinker (Based on the comic books by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko

Once again, I must state that I really don’t know much about the real Spider-Man comic book series. I know a little bit, basically how everything should flow, but I always tend to disregard everything about comics when I see the film adaptation because I know nothing about it, really. So please read my review based on how I saw the movie as a FILM, and a film alone. I’ve also been quite vocal on my love for the Sam Raimi spidey films (except the super atrocious third instalment), but I’m trying not to be biased. To tell you the truth, I enjoyed this second addition to the Amazing Spider-Man series more then I liked the first one.

After the events of the first film, we enter the world of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) once again, this time he’s fresh from high school graduation and is still on the rocks with Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy. Their trouble (and the finale of the last film) is causing Peter to stay away from her because of fear that she may be hurt as well, and have the same fate as her father. Here we are introduced to two powerful super hero villains that give the Amazing Spider-Man (and his one million and one subplots) a start to have a new adventure and battles, both internally and externally. But enough spoilers there, and let’s get to the film review.

Technical-wise, the film is far more superior then the original. However, I’m still rather iffy with the visual effects which I don’t think will stand the test of time, maybe even not look too well in the next couple of years. They do try though, and the action sequences of the film were quite exciting and very well produced. The film action sequence kept me at the edge of my seat and pulled me into the film. I disliked the ending though (SPOILER: I hate when kids in super hero flicks stand in the middle of the road when something bad is happening…NOTE: YOU CAN’T BEAT THE BAD GUY. SO GET THE EFF OUT OF THE ROAD. END OF SPOILER.)

Though this may sound a little bit “against the film”, I mean it in the completely positive way. I like how the film doesn’t take itself too seriously. When watching Saimi’s Spider-Man 2 (which I really loved), you feel like you’re having a cinematic experience. Amazing Spider-Man 2 doesn’t try to be that at all. It’s purely a fun, comic book film – and that’s really what works for the material. The leading stars are very capable of what they are doing and they service the campy dialogue well. Though this film also rides on the coats of the romance of leading stars Garfield and Stone, it’s also undeniable to say that they have good chemistry. But it bothered me sometimes. Sometimes it felt like I was watching a CW TV series rather then a comic book film.

Dane DeHaan, who is always a stand out, stands out again. Not because of his previous filmography, that I may be biased for, but the truth is he gives his Harry Osbourne his all. With that ridiculous hair cut and even more ridiculous dialogue, it’s fun to watch DeHaan because he never looks at it as a flat character. He gives it his all no matter how silly he looks or acts. Same goes for Jamie Foxx, who plays the centric villain Electro. I’ve never really warmed up to Foxx so much, I feel like he wasted the material he received on Django, but Electro was a great, fun role for him in a filmography that’s growing to be a lot of fun.

There’s nothing serious about the film and that’s what I liked about it most. Though there are some fans that will generally be shocked by the film, for better or worst, it’s a good follow-up to the first film which was just “okay”. It’s much better. Earning all it’s money back won’t be a problem in the box office. It’s comic book film, how hard can it be? No regrets though, my time wasn’t wasted and I’m curious to see what the third one would be like for kicks!


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  1. CMrok93 says:

    Nice review. I have some mixed feelings about a few aspects, but when the film needs to be effective, it really was.

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