R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014)

224746-phillip-seymour-hoffmanIt’s been two days since Academy Award winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his New York apartment, from an apparent heroine overdose, and many of his fans still feel the pain of loosing a true screen legend (if not feel even worst). I am one of those fans. Throughout Hoffman’s career in the movies, he has been in numerous celebrated roles that look nothing but gold on paper. He was indeed, a true star, talent and force to be reckoned with. Though Hoffman has passed away, he will always be remembered in the array of bright stars and TRUE ACTORS of the generation in which he belonged. Rest in Peace, “Master”.

Here’s some of my favourite Hoffman movie moments (though there are countless more):

21hoffman_slide01Hoffman started his career as nothing more but  a bit player behind big stars, before reaching dramatic heights in his film “Happiness” (1998), which launched him to the Hollywood big leagues. Pictured above (in the corner right) is Hoffman in small part in Martin Brests’ “Scent of a Woman” (1992), in which he co-starred with Al Pacino and Chris O’Donnell.

tmr_shot4lThough it’s an unusual choice for my personal favourite performance of Philip Seymour Hoffman, his appearance in Anthony Minghella’s “The Talented Mr. Ripley” (1999), co-starring Matt Damon and Jude Law, really sealed the deal for me. His supporting performance as the arrogant, conceited and styleish Freddie Miles is downright charming and perfect for the young actor who was thirty-two at the time.

0029333_3835_MC_Tx304Numerous profound and dramatic performances really launched Hoffman’s career. Especially his haunting portrayal as homosexual fanboy to Marky Mark’s Dirk Digger in “Boogie Nights” (1998), showed Hoffman’s very impressive acting talents. However, Hoffman took a break and appeared in comedy “Along Came Polly” (2004) as an ageing child star, still obsessed with his one and only hit. Those “Jesus Christ Super Star” scenes featured in the film will always be an unusual PSH treat for me ot revisit.

cap4By 2005, Phillip Seymour Hoffman belonged in lists that showed THE BEST THAT HOLLYWOOD had to offer. By 2006, he received his first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor (and his only win) playing Truman Capote in biopic “Capote” (2005). The doors never stopped opening, and Hoffman received three more Academy Award nominations before his death, including pivotal and critically acclaimed work  in such films like “The Savages” (2007), “Before the Devil Knows Your Dead” (2007) and “The Ides of March” (2011). 

the-master-philip-seymour-hoffman-stripe-suit-folded-pocket-squareIn 2012, Hoffman appeared in Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master” in which he received his last Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. This is Phillip Seymour Hoffman at his best, people. One of his most powerful performances, and definitely a performance for the ages. Surrounded by an Oscar friendly ensemble consisting of Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams, Hoffman shinned the brightest.

movies-the-hunger-games-catching-fire-philip-seymour-hoffman-plutarch-heavensbeeLastly, we were able to catch him in megahit “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” (2013) as game maker Plutarch Heavensbee.

Though Hoffman has left the world, he has left a legacy to me remembered, admired and envied. Whenever you want to remember this true screen idol and talented actor, pop in one of his films, and you’ve paid your homage.

Hey, that’s what films are for.  R.I.P PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN.


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