R.I.P. Peter O’Toole

Film legend, Peter O’Toole, died yesterday from longtime health problems after one year of announcing his retirement from acting, he was 81. O’Toole was a familiar face in cinema, and rests in heaven as one of our gone “GREATS”. He made a splash in film history with 1962 as the title role of the Best Picture winning “Lawrence of Arabia”. He continued to be under the eye of film until his retirement last year, and was nominated a whooping eight time for the Best Actor Oscar, without any wins (many times he was overlooked). R.I.P, Lawrence, you were one spectacular performer.

For those who don’t study film or aren’t passionate about it, some of you should know that O’Toole was also acting for contemporary mainstream movies and remained a familiar face and voice to his audiences. Do you remember him in “Troy” (2004) as the King Priam? Or maybe as the straightedged food critic Anton Ego in 2007’s “Ratatouille”. Whether your a fan of his older classics or not, O’Toole has changed cinema acting in so many ways, and will truly be remembered for ever.

ONE OF THE KINGS OF CINEMA, I will surely have a Peter O’Toole tribute in my home this weekend. I’m gonna kick it off with his phenomenal performance as King Henry II in “The Lion in the Winter” (1968), which he garnered an Oscar nomination for. Then I’m going to see the Best Picture winning “The Last Emperor” (1987), which ironically I just bought on DVD last week. To conclude, I’m going to see the one and only “Lawrence of Arabia” (1962), his signature film that defines everything Peter O’Toole is as performer.

Celebrate O’Toole’s life by watching one of his films. It doesn’t have to a classic because this man was always superb. Rest in Peace.


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