Review: Now You See Me (2013, Louis Leterrier)


Director: Louis Leterrier
Cast: Jessie Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Melanie Laurant, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine
Screenplay: Ed Solomon, Boaz Yakin & Edward Ricourt

High entertainment value is definitely the strongest point of “Now You See Me”, which was an exciting, suspenseful and truly magical spectacle to watch, even at home! Apart from a golden cast of some of the brightest stars Hollywood has to offer, we’ve got director Louis Leterrier, who makes a career best from his short and rather bothersome (he also did “Transporter 2” and “Clash of the Titans”…meh) career. Leterrier provided us with gripping film, filled with lies and mystery, that worked best for his past paced and special effects driven style, creating a film that is probably one of the most interesting pictures of the year.

When four magicians from different parts of the United States (Eisenberg, Fisher, Harrelson and Franco) are located and recruited by a mysterious mentor and benefactor, the four reach the height of showbusiness fame. But when they decide to steal a couple of million dollars with their new found “magic tricks”, the group who calls themselves “The Four Horsemen” is quickly tracked down by FBI Agents (Ruffalo & Laurant) before they can steal any more.

To tell you the God honesty truth, I was a hater for the film. The trailer didn’t impress me. Even the cast (in which I’ve shown some clear Franco, Caine and Morgan fandom in the past) seemed dismissible. But I ate my words after seeing the film. Good word of mouth from friends led to my viewing of the film, and man, was I thrilled! The movie’s visual effects aren’t exactly top of the line, but the way that Leterrier constructed the film together made it believable and as gripping as ever. He as a director, should move on from this franchise and start honing his skills to other action based trill films (please no cars and superheroes though) because he can do his own magic with it.

Eisenberg, who’s dorky persona never tires in the film. He once again stole the show. He fit the part perfectly with arrogance and self-centeredness which portrayed a character that seems so typical but also so different from what he’s done in the past. Harrelson, is always a pleasure in comedies (this is truly his genre) and should stick to his campy roles, because even though it won’t win him an Oscar, he shines and performs with quality. Mark Ruffalo played Mark Ruffalo, and didn’t impress at all. He made the twist ending rather unlikable.

The film shouldn’t be counted out as one of the funner films of the year. I’m actually really excited to see whether or not they’re going to do a sequel to this little romp of theirs. Wait a few minutes after the credits begin to role, where you’ll see a little bit of a sneak peak to what may possibly be a sequel. The best thing about “Now You See Me” is that it’s so original. If there is a summer blockbuster film that was realised in 2013 with quality, this one totally should have taken the box office cash for weeks on end. Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world.

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