A few good reasons FOR and AGAINST Ben Affleck as “The Dark Knight”.

ben-affleck-2062482806Mr. Affleck has made quite the chatter because of his recent casting as the next Batman. If you know me well, you know I’m not particularly a fan of Mr. Affleck’s acting chops. But man can he write, direct and produce! Lately, when someone asks what “WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT BEN AFFLECK AS THE NEW BATMAN” which I’ve had happen quite a lot the past few days, I decided to stay opinion-less and answer it with a plain “WE’LL SEE” every single time. Cause the truth is, we really won’t know till the movie is out and released. I came up with a few pros and cons why he should and why he shouldn’t play the new Batman. Have a looksie:

oscar_affleck_adjusted-thumb-630xauto-41399Ben Affleck is an Oscar winner. But he never won for acting. Just last year he won an Oscar for producing “Argo”, which was the industries makeup gift for not awarding him with a well deserved Best Director nomination. We all know he’s a capable figure in Hollywood, but The Cape Crusader is a world wide phenomena.

162282_Nolan_1122_RCGChristopher Nolan isn’t directing. He’s just producing. Zack Snyder will continue the franchise after the big hit “Man of Steel” was. This bothers me, because Snyder couldn’t squeeze out a great performance from Henry Cavill. Look at the list of typical Hollywood actors who people didn’t expect much from that Christopher Nolan magically turned amazing: Anne Hathaway, Guy Pearce, Tom Hardy etc. There are so much more.

mos-trlBut the truth is, Zack Snyder did a good job for what “Man of Steel” was. It wasn’t boring, it did what it had to do. Not to mention, Amy Adams was spectacular in it. He’s going for his own tone, and yes, it’s much campier then Nolan’s Batman. So I kind of believe in the guy. But there might be a power struggle. A director directing another director. That seems rather iffy to me.

Heath_ledger_jokerWhen Heath got Joker, he was the object of everyone’s ridicule. There was so much hate for this casting back when it was announced around 2007. But look where that got him! He totally became Joker and it produced icon status and an Academy Award. The first super hero movie to garner an acting Oscar! That’s a big deal. So let’s not judge Ben too much, because he can shock you too.

gigliWishing for the best, because even if Ben’s a good looking fella…sometimes when he acts…he’s just so damn awful. Like so, so awful. Remember “Gigli”? Even acting beside bestie Matt Damon in “Good Will Hunting” (1997) you can really tell that he didn’t have the acting chokes compared to his buddy. But it seems like he’s getting better as he gets older.

daredevil-jpg_164127And damn, wasn’t “Daredevil” (2003) just so, so bad? Then again, for the new Batman, Ben Affleck was quite a talented team on his back. Maybe DC would fit him better then Marvel did?

Christian-Bale-Bruce-Wayne-BatmanI think his biggest shadow would be the fact that he’s going to be compared to Christian Bale. Bale is a master in the acting branch. He’s an Oscar winner and he headlined the previous Dark Knight franchise which is some of the most highly acclaimed and biggest box officer winners of our generation. The truth is, that trilogy is “The Godfather” for us today. It’s got almost everything “The Godfather” has: the iconic status, the Oscar nominations (not the wins), the box office (which is surpassed), the good acting, and most importantly one of the most acclaimed directors of our time putting his heart and soul into it.

6a00d8341c630a53ef014e8623b7ab970d-800wiThis one was for writing. Not acting.

batmanandrobinTo conclude, Ben Affleck might actually be good. If everything falls into place. We’ll just have to wait and see, and I’ll just act like I have no opinion till that day arrives. Either way, he can’t be worse then these fellows.


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