Gatsby: How I Spent My 21st Birthday

Hi everyone! So I finally celebrated my 21st birthday on August 17, 2013. Even though my actual birthday was on the 18th, I wanted to do somewhat of a countdown. Being the big movie geek that I am, I wanted to do a movie themed party, and it only felt right that it would be “The Great Gatsby”, being that the remake was released this year.

First, I’d like to say thank you to everybody who came or greeted me, you all made my birthday very special. Being 21 is almost the same thing as being 20, except I had an amazing day where I was able to celebrate my life. Thank you God for giving me happiness in almost everything I do or want to pursue in my life. Secondly, thanks to all those who followed my birthday theme. It was awesome that most of the guest really went all out with their outfits, so we were able to have one night with the feel of the roaring 20s. I posted some pictures of friends with the best outfits!

IMG_1611Here’s a solo photo of me. It’s obviously not that candid cause I posed for it. But come on, give me a break. I just turned 21! Legal in every country in the world! I tried my best to re-create a very Jay Gatsby look, so finding this baby blue blazer definitely gave it that kick. I still can’t believe that I’m this old already. Cheers buddies!

IMG_1608Most of my best buddies were at the party, including these three who I really owe so much to. Thanks for coming Jonathan KingsuJacob Benedicto & Fritz Montinola.

IMG_1601One of my oldest friends in Manila came in a full on tuxedo. I met Anton Colamonici back when we were in grade school and today we remain good friends. Anton was certainly one of the sleekest looking fellows of the night!

IMG_1629I don’t understand why this girl always covers her face when a picture is being taken. Kyla Cho is a beautiful Korean commercial model. If you don’t recognize her name, she was the girl in that really funny Lucky Me Jampong commercial. She’s also one of my best friends. I’m so touched cause Kyla even ordered her dress all the way from Korea! Looking great, budd!

IMG_1596A picture with one of my best friends Nick Tolentino. Too bad there aren’t many pictures of Nick from this night, I would have loved for you guys to see his amazing gold bowtie.

IMG_1560My very fashionable friend Jonathan Kingsu always comes out with the nicest suits in the world. Click here to check out his awesome lookbook. This brown suit is gorgeous, but doesn’t even compare to some of his other ones! Nice job, buddy!

IMG_1554Oh, and thanks to RedBull Philippines for providing more then enough Red Bull for the entire party. It really pumped up everyone, without it, it wouldn’t have been the same! Red Bull remains to be the best energy drink…of like, all time.

IMG_1550Xavi Panlilio Pau Alberto looked daper in their matching black outfits. Xavi in his sleak suit and Pau in her 1920s flapper dress.

IMG_1358The crowd really started building up around 11:30 in the evening. I’m so glad that my parents and the neighbours didn’t complain.

IMG_1300With my best friend Fritz Montinola. Fritz is one of the few guys I know who rather be Tom Buchanan rather then Jay Gatsby. I got the Gatsby crown since it was my birthday. Normally, Fritz would be the only one to argue with me good thing he associates himself with Tom more! Ahhh, love our shallow problems.

IMG_1537I have so much thanks for this girl. Thank you to my lovely cousin Andie Rondain. You have done so much for me my whole life and I’ll never ever be complete without you as my other half. Thanks also for helping me keeping the party alive. You are the bestest friend and cousin anyone could ask for.

IMG_1514At 12 AM, when it was finally my birthday, we finally popped upon the champagne. My friend MeAnne Qui looks so happy.

IMG_1502Jonathan Kingsu with fashion blogger Raiza Poquiz. Raiza looked absolutely, stunningly perfect in her 1920s inspired ensemble. But of course, she’s always good at dressing up. Check out her blog here: Miss Popquiz.

IMG_1498I like this picture because the lights look very cool!

IMG_1489Denise Baniqued looks very cool with her wine. This girl is always the life of the party. Thanks for coming Bani! And thank you too for everything you did for me that night, you know what it is!

IMG_1480My fabulous fashion blogger friend Alaysa Bisnar looked stunning in her dress. She modernized her 1920s look and it turned out very sexy and chic. Check out her blog here: A Walking Dream.

IMG_1432With my little “cousins” Carmi Sto. Domingo, Luisa Rondain & one of my best friends Jacob Benedicto.

IMG_1425Fritz Montinola’s Tom Buchanan looked. Just a little piece of fun information, Fritz’s bow tie was originally the tie I was supposed to wear. But when I went with the light blue suit, it looked like my outfit was inspired by freaking Cinderella and I gave it to him instead. I was glad to though, cause it really cleaned up his entire look!

IMG_1419Cara Salgado was kind of last nights poster child. Love my cute, drunk friend!

IMG_1374I’ve known this girl for many years. Carmi, is my little cousins best friend and I consider her a little cousin as well. She was also one of the best dressed of the evening, even wearing an awesome 1920s-esque headdress!


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