This lack of blogging is killing me.

a_610x408But I promise, after HELL WEEK (which is next week) I’ll be back to being a constant trooper. There’s just been so much going on so I haven’t been able to attend to CHINOMATOGRAPHY very much. My schedule has been so packed because of the following:

1. MY BIRTHDAY PARTY, which is my 21st birthday, will be coming up this Saturday (though my actual birthday is on August 18) and I’ll be celebrating it with the movie theme THE GREAT GATSBY. Though I don’t expect full-on 1920s attire, I’m hoping the party will be a lot of fun and a sight for soar eyes because of all the bright colors and sequence. This took a lot of time to plan, and I’m so excited that it’s finally here!

2. DAY 1 of PRODUCTION for a new short film I wrote and will co-direction starts tomorrow. The project is called “EXPOSURE”, and tells how an artist gets over a broken heart by turning to his favourite art form = photography. I’ll be working with my frequent collaboration JACK ALINDAHAO, who is truly an amazing photographer and cinematographer. I can’t announce our cast yet, but the male lead is a talented guy, he was last seen in a CINEMALAYA movie. Will post the finish product on my blog sometime in the next three weeks! So watch out for that!

3. I’m also shooting a music video for solo artist JACOB BENEDICTO (of THE VOICE fame) next weekend. I wrote the concept and directed, that’ll come very SOON. JACK is also shooting this one, and it’s pretty legit, so I’m thankful for another opportunity.

So yes, apart from that I’ve got a lot going on at school too. I’ll be posting here and there but sadly I won’t be able to do a lot of great features that I’ve been working on! Please continue checking in for the latest! THANKS EVERYBODY!


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