Trailer: American Hustle (2013)

– Mr. Bale, the chameleon. He’s always so good when he steps out of his comfort zone and this is his first “fat” role, I think. Not that it matter. His accent sounds interesting too.
– Directed by David O. Russell. I will follow this director anywhere.
– Amy Adams doesn’t only look great but after the trailer, I’m most excited about her. It used to be for Jennifer Lawrence but she looks way more convincing. I’m now really excited about this performance. I’m yet to award her my personal “Best” win in any category but me this looks like the deal. At least personally. I’ve always liked her but this role seems fitting. Plus Russel’s worked his magic on her before.
– Great choice of music.
– The photography looks great. But it really reminds me of Scorsese for some weird reason. Seems like David O. Russell is getting much darker this year.
– It’s very sexy.

– I still don’t know what the movies about. It looks cool but will it be cool?
– The slapping. Doesn’t add drama…just initiates me.
– I’m a fan so I’m worried about Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. Jennifer looks very objectified, doesn’t seem good. And I wanted to hear her voice. Bradley…I don’t know. We’ll see.
– Is it a little bit too sexy?


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