Trailer: The Hunger Games – Catching Fire (2013)

– It’s “The Hunger Games” – ONE OF MY ALL TIME GUILTY PLEASURES. So duh, I’m excited. Plus I loved the book series. So this trailer is very much heaven to me. NO JUDGING PLEASE!!!
– Jennifer Lawrence. Always. That’s not even a question. Plus her pairing with Josh Hutcherson. I thought this was extremely perfect casting for the film, despite other opinions on who should have played Peeta. No one can touch how awesome Josh Hutcherson is in that role. It’s like a better version of Anakin Skywalker with better acting.
– Looks like quite a lavish production as compared to the first one. The sets are bigger and better, and the costumes looks sublime. And I cannot wait to see that Mockingjay dress.
– Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Inspired casting. Can’t wait to see what he does with the role.
– The cinematography looks more seasoned and properly shot. I’m excited because the first one had quite weaak cinematography that didn’t really bring out the best in the film. I’m glad that they noticed this.
– Seems more of a serious movie. And that’s a good thing. Can’t help but pray that this gets more Oscar attention. YEAH RIGHT, RIGHT? But a guy can wish.

– Liam Hemsworth needs to go to an acting coach. ASAP.
– “Katniss! Katniss!” seems so out of place. And with every watch of the trailer, I chuckle more and more. I never really liked the girl playing Katniss’ little sister (I’m even too lazy to look up the name). I don’t mind her so much, but I wish that they never had put that scene in the trailer. Cringe worthy.
– HAHAHA. Stanley Tucci’s face at 1 minute 41 seconds is priceless. And weird.
– There seems to be a disconnect in the costume design and art direction. I know the studios probably put more money into this one, and yes, ultimately it looks better, but it doesn’t feel like the first one anymore. I guess that’s a good thing too (but I loved the first one!)? I don’t know how to express this. Ignore this whole statement. Blah I’m being weird. I’ll probably edit this phase when I can articulate it better.
– Not enough Josh Hutch and the Quarter Quell, which I’ve been desperately waiting to get a sneak peak on since the first teaser trailer. Sad…but I guess it makes the film more exciting to watch.
– “NOVEMBER”…is too far away.


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