A Little About Me: A Look Into a Movie Addicts Bedroom

So today I decided to clean up my room (well, I sort of got grounded today so I had nothing to do) and my top priority was fix my very unorganized DVD shelf. During the process of putting everything in alphabetical order, I realized that my room is very much movie based. Everything about it screams film. I just wanted to share with all of you a small look into my bedroom and how truly obsessed and addicted I am with films. Thanks for passing by my blog! Stay tuned in and keep checking in!

Click the photographs if you want a closer look!

3My DVD shelf. Like any movie buff, I don’t condone pirated movies. So when I was a kid, I started collecting original DVDs. I think I started back in the 7th grade, so it took years to build up this collection. And I’m actually really, really proud of it! Everything I invested into this shelf is my own money, and it also serves as my ticket to a quick buck. For example, when I need cash desperately, I sell one of my so-called “rare” DVDs. I got into buying/selling rare DVDs at a very young age. I treasure each and every one of these films. They’re my babies! Of course, I give some away sometimes so please keep checking on my blog for giveaways!

1I have a great amount of movie posters, but I only started collecting mounted ones a very short time ago. This wall is one of the new additions to my room. My next goal is to fill up this one wall full of movie posters from my favourite classics. I think I’m off to a good start. And look at “Gone with the Wind” (1939)! It’s obviously my favourite film of all time, hence it being the biggest.

2A wall near my balcony area contains two film legends: Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. I actually received these art pieces in a very interesting way. A year or two back I got into a serious argument with my sister. I wish I could remember what it was about, but sadly I don’t. One day, when I got back home from school, they were sitting on my couch. I instantly knew that these were from her. Sort of a peace offering, I guess. She touched me, and made me very happy. Right or wrong, I apoligized to her.

7When I was a kid I had very different interests then the usual kid. I gave time to reading the “great novels” (especially if there was a movie based on them) but my idea of reading fun was in MAD comics. I was mad about MAD. I even remember the day I saved up for these and finally bought them.

5My dream! My dream! To always remind myself that OSCAR is the only goal in my life (HA HA I KNOW RIGHT?), I keep two fake Academy Award statuettes in my entertainment area. The smaller one is the very generic Oscar they sell in theme parks. But I was able to buy mine in L.A. when I visited Hollywood Blvd., from one of those people selling memorabilia on the streets. The bigger one is made out of wood. That one was given to me by my big brother.

11Two signes that I keep on my DVD shelf are actually car plates. One is “RUN FORREST RUN”, from “Forrest Gump” (1994). But come on, that’s a no brainer. And the second is a reminder to “LIVE FAST” from THE acting icon that is Mr. James Dean. Check out the movies in the background. Which ones have you seen? Sorry if they’re not exactly alphabetical, but you get the picture.

4Some special or limited edition DVDs that I got over the years. “Casino Royale” (2006): Walmart’s 2-Disc Widescreen Special Edition, “The Da Vinci Code” (2006): 2-Disc Limited Edition, “Troy”: Leather Case Limited Edition, “Hulk” (2003): Japanese Limited Edition, “Spider-Man 2” (2004): 2-Disc Limited Edition, “300” (2006): 2-Disc Limited Edition. They’re all very super hero-y.

10“The Polar Express” (2004) Limited Edition Set, I bought in a whim. I hated the movie. But since I love Christmas and snow globes, I thought it would be cool to have this awesome limited edition set as a part of my collection. Ohhhh sparkles.

13“The Da Vinci Code” (2006) Limited Edition Set is another “not-so-good movie” but “cool DVD set to own”. I never read the book, but the replica of the popular cryptex used in the film is very cool. It actually works like a real cryptex too. You can set the password and when it unlocks, you can put things inside.

12I really wanted this “Schindler’s List” (1993): Limited Edition set for a long time, and it took a while to actually locate a copy that I could buy and have. There’s only a couple of thousands in the world, and I was able to obtain a copy. So I’m really happy about that. The set contains actual film from a reel of the movie, pictures and some other memorabilia from the film. The coolest thing about it is that it’s made of fibber class with the names of people on the list printed onto it. I always keep this sealed and don’t really like it when people wanna touch it. This one is one of my most treasured films.

9This one is another one of my treasures. My limited edition of “Scarface” (1983) is probably the DVD set that catches the attention of my friends the most. And I don’t blame them cause the set really looks baller (especially in real life). It’s made of faux leather and when you open it, it looks like a museum for the film on its own. If you remove the top layer, the set also contained a bunch of film stills blown up to look like a large photograph and a very cool Tony Montana money clip!

8I ordered this one very specially from the US. When I was in the 3rd grade, my parents introduced me to “Grease” (1978). This was my first film obsession. I would pause the movie and give John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John direction. I know, I know I was a hella weird kid, but it was an enjoyable part of my (weird) childhood. Weird. Weird. Weird. I’m embarrassed. Over the duration of my short life, I’ve had at least 4 different copies of this movie just because it played a big role in sparking my love for film. It took a finale with this 30th Anniversary edition of the film which I think is pretty much irreplaceable. It’s also made of faux leather and is a replica sleeve of the iconic T-Birds jacket featured in the film.

6Overall, from all the movies I’ve seen in my life. These 10 truly changed me in every way possible. This is my top 10 of all time. “Gone with the Wind” (1939), “The Godfather” (1972), “Goodfellas” (1990), “Singin’ in the Rain” (1952), “The Graduate” (1967), “All About Eve” (1950), “The Godfather Part II” (1974), “The Shawshank Redemption” (1994), “Some Like it Hot” (1959) and “The Departed” (2006). How many of them have YOU seen?

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