10 Movies To Watch on a Rainy Day.

Every time I see a good friend (or even people who just refer to me as “that movie guy in school”) they always say the same things to me: “hey, what good movie should I watch?” or “can you give me some good movies!?”. And I just love that. And since it’s rainy season here in Manila, I decided to kill two birds with one stone with a list of 10 really awesome movies to watch on a rainy day. These movies have been with me all my life, and no matter how many times I watch them I always thought they were just what I needed when the rains began to fall in the city. So if you have time, or you’re just bored, or maybe procrastinating on school work, watch one of these films on a rainy day. I promise, you won’t regret it!

In alphabetical order:

1317746397_2Clue (1985) – the film is an 1985 screwball comedy-mystery based on the popular board game “Clue”. If the maker’s of Monopoly want to do a movie based on their board game, the writing style and comedy used for this film should be a great outline. Though “Clue” wasn’t exactly well received when it was released back in its day, to me its an enduring classic that only gets better with time. It’s smart, funny and the cast is truly irreplaceable! The film follows one rainy evening in a large mansion where mysterious murders begin to happen between a group of exclusively rich (and corrupt) American tycoons and politicians. As the Butler (Tim Curry)  tries to solve the mystery of who murdered the house staff, dirty little secrets between the dinner guest make the night something to remember! I love watching this on a rainy day because it gives you a sense of dark mystery, but also gives you the perfect hint of black comedy to satisfy your funny bone.

blondes9Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) – How can anyone resist Marilyn Monroe? In a film that defines what she’s made off, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” is an entertaining, heartwarming movie musical that’s filled songs and a lot of comedy. Monroe plays Lorelei Lee, a showgirl gold digger on root to Europe where she is to marry “the love of her life” Mr. Millionaire. Along for the ride on the musical filled voyage is her brunette best friend Dorothy Shaw (Jane Russell) who must now keep Lorelei away from trouble in a boat filled with the richest men in America. Monroe sings her signature tune “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” that just confirms how great of a movie legend she really is. “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” puts sparkle in your life on a dreary, dark rainy day.

422BjThe Graduate (1967) – The brooding tone of the 1967 classic is perfect for emotionally packed rainy days. I know I always loved it when I felt “depressed”. If you don’t know the story of “The Graduate” you’ve probably been living under a rock all of your life. Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) is a depressed, non-driven fresh college graduate who begins an affair with his father’s business partner, Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft). But when he begins to fall for Mrs. Robinson’s beautifully perfect daughter (Katharine Ross), the jealous mother needs to create some trouble for “her man”. The thing that makes “The Graduate” perfect for a rainy day (especially if you’re sad) is that it internalizes with you. You’re confused feelings won’t be addressed by the end of the movie, but it surely is great to watch when you’re feeling down. Plus that awesome Simon and Garfunkle songs are just too haunting and amazing to ignore as they play in the background. I like to pretend I’m Benjamin sometimes when I’m feeling sad…haaaaa let’s pretend I never said that.

hello-dolly1Hello, Dolly! (1969) – In a perfect world, this film would get a re-kick in fandom when scenes fro the movie were featured in Dinsey’s “Wall-E” back in 2008. Unfortunately, people only became aware of the song “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” and nothing else. Though that truly is one of the most spectacular scenes in the grand 1969 musical production, there’s so much more in the movie to enjoy that modern days audiences have not generally discovered yet. Dolly Levi (Barbra Streisand) is an matchmaking window who loves to do everything for everyone. But when she realizes that her perfect match is in a grumpy, old, half-a-millionaire named Horace Vangergelder (Walter Mathau), she has her own tricks up her sleeve. Streisand is once again a sensation, not only because of her vocal talents but her acting too. The soundtrack is stellar and the staging of the entire picture is truly sublime. Along with “Camelot” (1967), it’s one of the most underrated movie musicals of the 1960s. And did I mention that the legendary Gene Kelly directed it?

MCDHERC EC007Hercules (1997) – Most of you reading my blog are 90s babies, so this, I’m sure, is definitely within your film repertoire. Disney retells the greek myth of Hercules in a colourful animated feature that made splashes back in 1997. The film is as fresh today then it ever was, and it will always be fresh! With bias included, “Hercules” stands as one of the greatest Disney movies ever produced for the silver screen. From the greek themed animation, to that funky soundtrack, and that oh so romantic storyline, the film will undoubtedly put a smile on your face on a rainy day.

iNfLi_largeJerry Maguire (1996) – This 90s cheese fest wasn’t only the best of it’ year, but it (just in my opinion) showcases Tom Cruise’s acting in a career best movie. Cruise plays sports agent Jerry Maguire, who looses everything after being fired from a large firm when he writes a “memo” that his bosses aren’t happy with. Along with a brave secretary AKA the only person who walked away with him from a company he helped build AKA Renee Zelwegger, he must now start from the bottom with only one client. That one client being the egotistic, greedy and terrible football player named Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr. in his Academy Award winning performance). “Jerry Maguire” isn’t only sweet and sappy, but it’s inspiration. The themes of the film are perfect for a rainy day because it’s light but also full of emotions. It’s a drama that one can watch over and over again, and still your life never becomes dreary.

89454763The Karate Kid (1984) – This is the most recent addition to my top 10 movies to watch on a rainy day. It’s actually a very funny story. Like most movie buffs, I’ve seen “The Karate Kid” but I never really cared for it except for what it is: which is an inspiration coming-of-age-tale disguised as a sports movie with lots of iconic scenes. That was only until last week. It happened when my brother and I cooking in the kitchen. Of course I had the idea to turn the television on while we cooked. We ended forgetting our goal when we both had our eyes glued on HBO as “The Karate Kid” played. And you guessed it! It was raining. Felt so good to watch such a feel good movie as the rain poured outside. Plus, we eventually got our food done, which was a plus point to the entire viewing experience as a whole. The film stars Ralph Macchion as Karate Kid Daniel Larusso as he is trained by the very cool Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) to go against the school bully in an karate competition. Simple plot? Still makes one hell of a movie.

The-Princess-Bride-the-princess-bride-4546511-1280-720The Princess Bride (1987) – I hate how they’re rebooting all the fairy tales today. None of them are good. They should just find original fairy tales like the novel “The Princess Bride” was and make them into movies instead. The film is so original and so funny, that it has a spot in my top 100 movies of all time. There’s never a dull moment as Westley (Carey Elwes) must win back Princess Buttercup (Robin Wright) from the evil Prince Humperdink (Chris Sarandon) who is forcing the beautiful royal to marry him. Sounds silly, huh? But if you’re one of those people who have seen the film, then you know where I’m coming from when I say that everything in the film is spot on. Plus it’s heavily entertaining. Perfect for a long, rainy after in your room. It’s what I like to call a “HOT COCO” movie.

600full-the-royal-tenenbaums-screenshotThe Royal Tenenbaums (2001) – Wes Anderson’s filmmaking style has always interested me. Though I think “Rushmore” (1998) is his best movie, “The Royal Tenenbaums” does not fall far behind it. Plus I feel like it’s a great rainy day movie because I think it defines what people ideally define rainy days to be. Dark, but fun can happen. Emotional, but also quirky in a way. “Cuddle Weather”? Bleh…we can skip that one. But there are some romance and cuddling in the movie if that floats your boat. The movie tells the story of the dysfunctional Tenenbaum family who must now learn to “love” and live with each other (despite their one million and one issues with one another) when they learn their estranged father Royal (Gene Hackman) is dying of cancer. “Tenenbaums” is the entire package. It’s got darkness, comedy, love, family, quirkiness. You name it! Such an enjoyable watch, I promise.

Singin'_in_the_Rain_trailerSingin’ in the Rain (1952) – The ultimate cliche choice. But that doesn’t make it NOT true, right? I won’t even explain this. You should know that this classical burst of colour, music, laughter and magic is definitely the ultimate rainy day movie of all time. If you haven’t watched this, find a copy ASAP. It’s the perfect time to watch it!!!


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  1. lu says:

    JERRY MAGUIRE!!!! im so forgetful. THAT is what i was supposed to say in your video. UGH HAHAHAHA

  2. Anna O ;D says:

    Princess Bride ❤
    I'm definitely gonna watching Clue again. The last time I watched it I was prolly like 7. I don't even remember anything about it except for Tim Curry. LOL!

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