“Rock of Ages” drinking challenge.


We all know that “Rock of Ages” was one of those movies from last year that under performed. Weird, because I usually like to pretend I’m such a film snob but truthfully (after “The Hunger Games”) this became my 2012 guilty pleasure. I don’t know if it’s the charismatic performances (not all of them were good but they were…perky) or my appreciation of old school 1980s rock ‘n’ roll, but no matter what I still enjoy seeing this movie over and over again. The point of this post is somewhat to promote my love for this movie because this is the go-to film that my friends and I use whenever we want to do a movie drinking challenge. And I tell you all, it’s so much fun!


Play it with a big group of friends or even an intimate group (me and a buddy got really bored and even played it in the afternoon), “Rock of Ages” always does the trick when it comes to having a drunken good times with me and my friends. What makes it fun? Firstly, “Rock of Ages” is just pure fun. There’s nothing more to it. The quirky acting is a source of entertainment, even more so, the unrealistically fluffy storyline. Secondly, the soundtrack is just stellar. Featuring a handful of hits from the 1980s, one thing they did right was cast a group of talented vocalists (well particularly Diego Boneta, Julianne Hough, Tom Cruise and Mary Jay-Blidge who sings most of the songs) that do this music justice. Listening to them is always a pleasure to my ears.

– Typically you buy the alcohol, get a copy of the film and provide the shot glasses and you’re good to go.
– Just play the movie and every song is a shot of whatever your poison is. The movie is pretty short and there’s a good amount of songs so it gives you the absolute perfect hit. Oh! And whenever it’s a mash up (for example: “More Than Words / Heaven”) that’s counted as two shots. If there’s more then one song in the mashup then you add a shot, and so on.

I’m not kidding. If you’re movie goers, love music or bored this is a really great game to play. I can’t tell you all how many good memories and awesome nights have happened because it was kicked off by “Rock of Ages”. If you can’t appreciate the movie as “cinema” then appreciate it as a source of fun and a framework for drinking! TRY IT!



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