I’m back from Vacation!

Driving Miss Daisy3Driving Miss Daisy (1989) – Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman in the Best Picture winning drama.

Hello! Sorry I’ve been so idle. The stormy weather and all the fun activities we had planned out during my weekend getaway took me away from blogging. But I’m back and I swear I’ll be consistent as ever!

On another note, I saw “Driving Miss Daisy” (1989) for the first time today. Though I don’t think it deserved its best picture win, (hello, “Dead Poets Society” was out in the same year), still, I have no problem with it. The two leads were just superb. This kicks off my week of catching up with my 80s and 90s movies cause though I’ve seen a large number of my generations films, I seem to be lacking to be able to create my “best of” lineups for these years. Trying to finish at least the essentials this July. So yeah, just wait for it! A lot on this.

I’m also keen in seeing Monster’s University (2013) this week. Sucks that I missed out on the opening this weekend, but I’m hoping my schedule allows me to see it tomorrow. Review on that right as soon as I see it! Thanks for checking in everyone!


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