“Before Midnight” Premiere at Greenbelt 3


Just got from the premiere of “Before Midnight”, brought to Manila by Reality Media. First I’d like to thank the company for inviting my to this very special movie going event. It’s great to see such a fine film (and the end of one of my favourite romances) hit the screens here in Manila because of you. Truly, it was such a fun and emotional movie going experience for me. For those of you who don’t know what Reality Media is, they are a boutique and media distribution company that own the rights to many highly acclaimed international movies. I hope I get the chance to see more of the films that Reality Media brings to the country in the future.

Though I’m eager to write my review on the film, I’ll just be doing that in a few hours, after I get some shut eye. I don’t want to be too biased about it, so my review will have to wait till the morning. So come by and check the blog again sometime in the next few hours for my review on the latest Linklater film. I will say though that the film was a lovely conclusion to Jesse and Celine’s story, and I feel very strongly in saying that this was so far one of the best movies of 2013 so far. I promise, the review comes in a bit! Good night, Manila, Jesse, Celine and Reality Media!


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