“World War Z” Advance Premiere Screening at Greenbelt 3


Blink Cinema TV and Universal Pictures Inc. Presented “World War Z” last night at Greenbelt 3! I was lucky enough to be invited to see the movie in advance (the review is right below this post) in a really special event that was definitely the highlight of movie going events so far this year.  Blink TV is a new, upcoming movie channel that will be available on SkyCable, Channel 25 and soon to be on Destiny and Cablelink. The channel features hit movies of not only the recent years, but also the classics! WOWZA! Exciting, sounds like the channel for me.

photo-1Here’s a picture of me and my new beautiful bride, Zombiriella. Ha-ha, I know I’m funny. But this is actually what made the “World War Z” really memorable. They had a handful of Zombies walking around the movie theatre and lobby before and after the screening. It was delightful to take photos with them, but I couldn’t hold my laughter in. Eventually, some of the Zombies (particularly the nun) couldn’t help but laugh along with my friends and I. Coca-Cola and Fibisco also provided the premiere with delicious snacks…so yeah, definitely a plus point. Cookies and Coke are actually some of my favourite movie companions.

photo-2My friend Jacob Benedicto (check out his blog at http://www.jacobbenidicto.tumblr.com) hosted the event! Good job buddy boy! He’s actually the new host for the TV channel. Excited to attend more premieres with you, and thanks for letting me tag along!

photo-3PS Bank also sponsored. My friend Ram Ortega was lucky enough to be one of the lucky winners for their gift bags! All and all, “World War Z” was a great movie experience. Not only was the movie good and reached my higher then what I expected, but the event that Blink Cinema TV and Universal Pictures put together was actually pretty swell!


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