Top 25 Episodes Glee Has Ever Done.

Love it or hate it, “Glee” has become a large brand and basically “the-television-show-that-could”, when it first aired back in 2009. I, for one see the musical hit as one of my ultimate guilty pleasure. And I’m truly not ashamed of it. Because of the events of last weekend (the Glee for Coke event), I’ve decided to look back at the past four seasons of the series and choose it’s 25 best episodes. Let’ take a film break with this one, people!

2525. “Vitamin D” (Season 1)
Best Number: “It’s My Life / Confessions” – New Direction Males 
To inspire the New Directions to be more competitive, Mr. Shue assigns the club to do a boys vs. girls mashup competition. But when the new Nurse Terry starts giving Finn a very special vitamin to get over his tiresomeness, the members of the glee club start using it to enhance their performances.

2424. “Shooting Star” (Season 4)
Best Number: “More Than Words” – Sam, Brittany & the New Directions
During “Last Chance” week in school, two mysterious gun shots go off in school leaving the students of McKinley to be in a panic. The members of the Glee Club then reflect on their lives and a lot is revealed between friends and enemies.

2323. “The First Time” (Season 3)
Best Number: “One Hand, One Heart” – Blaine & Rachel
As Blaine and Rachel prep for their characters in the school musical “West Side Story”, they realize they won’t be able to play young lovers Tony and Maria without loosing their virginities first. Finn and Rachel encounter problems as Finn worries about college, and new Warbler Sebastian temps Blaine as Kurt isn’t ready to take the next step.

2222. “Saturday Night Glee-ver” (Season 3)
Best Number: “More Than a Woman” – Finn
Mr. Shue notices that Finn, Santana and Mercedes are the only members of the New Direction who don’t know what they’re going to do with their futures. In an attempt to inspire them to follow their dreams, he assigns the club to do songs from the classic album “Saturday Night Fever”.

2121. “Guilty Pleasures” (Season 4)
Best Number: “Creep” – Brody & Rachel
When Mr. Shue calls in sick, Blaine and Sam decide to take initiative in their own hands and assigns the clubs to perform their guilty pleasures. As Blaine’s guilty pleasure for his bestie Sam starts unraveling, other members also face their dangerous guilty pleasures. Meanwhile, in New York, Kurt and Santana lets Rachel know the true nature of her latest fling with Brody.

2020. “Prom Queen” (Season 2)
Best Number: Dancing Queen – Santana & Mercedes 
It’s Prom at William McKinley High School. As the race for Prom Queen intensifies, so does the drama. Quinn pressures Finn to be the perfect date. While Rachel is visited by a former fling found in Jessie St. James. Artie tries to win Brittany back, while Santana continues to use Korafsky as her beard. Also, Sam and Mercedes sparks begin to fly, while Kurt and Blaine ready themselves to face the judgements in Prom.

1919. “Nationals” (Season 3)
Best Number: Paradise By the Dashboard Light – The New Directions
After three years, the original New Directions (and they people they meet along the way) have one more chance to get it right at the National Show Choir Championships. Also, Finn bets all his honey moon money to an obnoxious jock, hoping to raise the stakes.

1818. “Swan Song” (Season 4)
Best Number: “O Holy Night” – Rachel
Sam decides to move forward with his courtship on Brittany. Meanwhile, Rachel is given the chance to win a Winter Showcase that’s only been won by a NYADA freshman, just once. Kurt also gets an unexpected second chance to apply into the NYC performing arts school.

1717. “Sectionals” (Season 1)
Best Number: “My Life Would Suck Without You” – The New Directions
The first ever competition episode of the series. Sections is compromised when Finn learns the true identity of Quinn’s baby daddy, Mr. Shue is asked to leave as coach and the competing show choirs steals their entire set list.

1616. “The Power of Madonna” (Season 1)
Best Number: “Open Your Heart / Borderline”
Mr. Shue is inspired by Coach Sue’s fandom for Madonna and uses the 80s pop icon to teach the boys of New Direction how to respect women. Meanwhile, Finn’s jealousy rouses as Jessie becomes the new male lead of the the Glee Club. As new relationships form in the club, some of the members (and teachers) decide to explore their sexuality with one another. Also, Kurt and Mercedes feel empowered and decides to join the Cheerios.

1515. “Funeral” (Season 2)
Best Number: “My Man” – Rachel
When Sue’s older sister dies, Finn and Kurt decide to help her out by planning the most special funeral ever. Behind the scenes, Jessie puts Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Mercedes against each other to audition to be the lead vocalist in their first Nationals competition.

1414. “The Break-Up” (Season 4)
Best Number: “Give Your Heart a Break” – Rachel and Brody
Finn unexpectedly shows up in New York after being kicked out of the army, where he and Rachel return to a weird place in their relationship. Blaine pays Kurt a visit, only to reveal a shocking piece of information. Mr. Shue’s relationship with Emma is tested as he is picked to join a Blue Collar Panel to improve the arts. Also, Santana and Brittany try to save their long distance love.

1313. “The Rhodes Not Taken” (Season 1)
Best Number: “Somebody to Love” – New Directions
Rachel leaves the New Directions when Mr. Shue decides to gives “her solo” to Tina. Desperate to add another strong voice into the group, Mr. Shue recruits his old Glee Club idol, the alcoholic diva April Rhodes.

1212. “Rumours” (Season 2)
Best Number: “Go Your Own Way” – Rachel
When Sam begins acting weird, the members of the New Directions starts coming up with nasty rumours about their friend. Here, the club’s relationships are tested with one another and falls to comparison with the famous Fleetwood Mac album “Rumours”.

1111. “Hell-O” (Season 1)
Best Number: “Hello Goodbye” – The New Directions
Fresh from winning their first competition, the New Directions decide to re-brand their image in hopes of saving themselves from being “losers”. Finn finds his inner rockstar and begins to stray away from Rachel. In distress, Rachel finds comfort in their worst enemy, Vocal Adrenaline lead singer, Jessie St. James. Mr. Shue also tests the waters for his new romance with Ms. Pillsbury.

1010. “Dynamic Duets” (Season 4)
Best Number: “Some Nights” – The New Directions
Finn takes over the Glee Club for Mr. Shue as he goes on leave to Washington. Loosing ideas, he decides to pair up conflicting members of the new New Directions as apart of their “dynamic duets” during Super Hero week. An unlikely friendship springs between Sam and Blaine as they try to take back their trophy which has been stolen by the Warblers.

99. “Duets” (Season 2)
Best Number: “Happy Days Are Here Again / Get Happy” – Kurt & Rachel
Mr. Shue announces a duets competition between the club to improve their competition skills. Kurt becomes eager to work with new kid Sam because he believes that he’s gay. Finn and Rachel soon hatch a plan to throw the competition, knowing that the only way for Sam to stay in the club is for him to win the challenge.

88. “Home” (Season 1)
Best Number: “One Less Bell to Answer / A House is Not a Home” – Will & April
Mr. Shue looses the auditorium to Sue and asks April if he can hold rehearsals in her Disco Roller Rink. Meanwhile, Finn is uncomfortable when he notices unexpected changes in his mom’s habits. Also, Mercedes is pressured to loose weight when the Cheerio’s becomes a part of a cheerleading magazine’s cover story.

77. “Never Been Kissed” (Season 2)
Best Number: “Stop! In the Name of Love / Free Your Mind” – The New Direction Males
The second annual boys and girls mash up week in McKinley gets more interesting when the boys of New Directions uses an image of Coach Bieste to “cool off” during sexual acts. Kurt soon feels out of place in the presence of his male teammates as he visit the all boys Dalton Academy, where he meets the charming Blaine. Puck also uses Artie as his community service after being released from Juvenile Delinquent.

66. “Hold On To Sixteen” (Season 3)
Best Number: “Man in the Mirror” – The New Direction Males
Rachel is unexpectedly disqualified from Nationals when she cheats for Kurt in the Student Council Elections. Santana, Brittany and Mercedes move to an opposing team, causing the New Directions to lack members for competition. Finn and Rachel decide to find Sam to persuade him to return to Ohio. Meanwhile, Quinn faces her shadows when she learns a shocking piece of information regarding Shelby and Puck.

55. “Silly Love Songs” (Season 2)
Best Number: “Silly Love Song” – The Dalton Academy Warblers
Kurt is excited when he learns that Blaine wants to serenade his mystery Valentine. Puck is caught in a love triangle between Santana and Zises. Finn tries to win Quinn back and sets up a kissing booth to provoke her. Rachel, confused about her feelings for Finn, devices a plan to re-spark their “fireworks”.

44. “Ballad” (Season 1)
Best Number: “Lean on Me” – Artie, Mercedes & the New Directions
The Glee Club can’t focus on their Ballad assignment because they worry about Quinn and Finn’s baby situation. Rachel develops a school girl crush on Mr. Shue. Kurt’s crush on Finn leads him to persuade him to finally tell Quinn’s parents the truth of what really is going on.

33. “Special Education” (Season 2)
Best Number: “Valarie” – Santana and the New Directions
After loosing Regionals last year, Mr. Shue wants to step it up and completely turns the club inside out. After loosing Kurt because of Karofsky’s bullying he tries to make their set list interesting by recruiting the unexpected: Mike and Brittany are to be features dancers, Santana is to sing a solo, and Quinn and Sam are to sing the power house duet. Torn about everything, Rachel makes the wrong decision about how to teach Finn a lesson. Kurt auditions to be a vocalist of the Dalton Academy Warblers.

22. “Pilot” (Season 1)
Best Number: “Don’t Stop Believin'” – Finn, Rachel & the New Directions
Spanish teacher Mr. Shue decides to take on the William McKinley Glee Club when their old club head is fired. He then recruits a group of talented misfits to form a club called The New Directions, testing everything regarding the status quo of the high school.

11. “Journey to Regionals” (Season 1)
Best Number: “Faithfully” – Finn & Rachel
The New Directions decide to do a Journey medley for their Regionals competition, in hopes that by winning, the club won’t be disbanded. Finn and Rachel finally acknowledge the sparks between them. Quinn’s due date finally arrives.

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