Coca-Cola in the Movies: Retracing Happiness on Film

Coca-cola-logoBecause of the Coca-Cola event I just went to, I got inspired to trace back “Coca-Cola” in the movies. This beloved brand has been as part of my life as it has been in movie history. Go through this short list of movie stills and see if you can spot the Coke can, bottle, poster, sign, vending machine etc. Some are more obvious then the others, but let’s just have fun. That’s what Coke is anyways: FUN. Plus, Coke is happiness. Just like the movies.

Its-a-Wonderful-Life-National-GeographicIt’s a Wonderful Life (1946) – young George Bailey worked in a drug store in the earlier part of the movie. Says a lot about American Pop Culture during the time, as the shop was filled with Coca-Cola memorabilia.  

dr-strangelove-cola-warsDr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) – What was more important to one of the main characters in this 60s classic? The cold war or getting a can of Coca-Cola from the vending machine? 

bandc6Bonnie and Clyde (1967) – Faye Dunaway never made Coke look more beautiful then she did with her partner in crime (Warren Beatty) in the 1960s crime classic. 

02-taxi-driver-coca-cola-mcdonalds-product-placementTaxi Driver (1976) – Robert De Niro’s iconic Travis went crazy by the end of the movie, if you didn’t already know that. Through out the film, the character is seen drinking Coke numerous times. Maybe the lack of stock in the connivence store caused that rampage in the film’s epic finale? Maybe.

34487_134862316546802_1675624_nThe Blues Brothers (1980) – Hey, the Blues Brothers were cool. And so is Coke. And look! Soul Food Cafe (whatever that is) supports Coke products. I never liked other restaurants that didn’t. So that’s a good sign. the Extra Terrestrial (1982) – Proof that Coca-Cola is UNIVERSAL. Not only did the young lead of “E.T.” love it, but an alien too! There’s something in that magical bottle of red and white.  

home_alone_2_product_placement_01Home Alone: Lost in New York (1992) – Too bad little Culkin isn’t the one holding the can, but since his (was it his brother?) brother, who is also just as an adorable little boy, is holding it…we forgive the filmmakers.  

Reality BitesReality Bites (1994) – the film is full of pop culture reference. Sadly I can’t find a still of Winona Ryder and Ben Stiller actually drinking the pop beverage, but this’ll do. The whole cast looks so happy in this picture. Well apart from the brooding Ethan Hawke, who it seems to me is looking at those cans Winona is touching.  

tumblr_ld1cet8yMj1qbyfvlo1_500Elf (2003) – chugging a liter of Coke brings me back to the day! Ahhhh, Coke is Christmas too, don’t forget. 

tumblr_mh2dn5DDiH1qa86e0o1_500Little Miss Sunshine (2006) – Abigail was left behind in this scene from the 2006 Best Picture nominee. But it’s fine, she can use that whopping Hollywood pay cheque to go back into the store and buy some snacks with a can of Coca-Cola.  

image.axdScott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) – Poor Michael Cera is in pain. But no worries, here’s another use of a Coke can. Plus his character is very particular, he “doesn’t drink. This is just Coke Zero”. 

Now something completely random (not really):

tomcruisecocacolaMr. Cruise, drinking some Coke.

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