Quick Review: Ed Wood (1994, Tim Burton)


RATING: 8/10

Director: Tim Burton
Cast: Johnny Depp, Martin Landau, Sarah Jessica Parker, Patricia Arquette, Bill Murray
Screenplay: Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski (Based on the book “Nightmare of Ecstasy” by Rudolph Grey)

Synopsis: Based on the life of “the worst director of all time” Edward D. Wood Jr. (Johnny Depp), we chronicle his downs in Hollywood creating the most atrocious B-movie horrors of the 50s. We also follow his close friendship with Bela Lugosi (winner of Best Supporting Actor Martin Landau), of Dracula fame, whose friendship leads to the most horrible collaboration in show business.

Quick Thoughts:

1. Tim Burton’s “Ed Wood” is the perfect mix of horror, comedy and drama wrapped up in a glamours setting and interesting story line. Burton produces one of his gems from the 90s (his work in the 2000s do not compare). It makes me sad to see such great TIm Burton work with Johnny Depp. Today most of their work consist of ridiculous character pieces with over done production design. “Ed Wood” is in the lines of “Edward Scissorhands”.

2. Johnny Depp, though still in a very character driven role, plays the title role perfectly. He does justice to his performance. Though I wouldn’t say his performance was “entirely human” in a sense. It is by far my favourite of Johnny Depp’s roles. I’m not usually a fan but “Ed Wood” was a perfect fit for him.

3. Landau stars as Bela Lugosi in a well deserved performance which won him the Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar. He captures Lugosi with such drama that all his out-of-the-world actions seemed very natural. It was a very emotional performance and is certainly the scene stealer of the entire movie.

4. I liked how the movie had a great mix of comedy in it. Not very often do we find comedies that are also biopics. It was very refreshing to see a Hollywood-based movie that was lighter then usual. The black-and-white cinematography was a great decision in terms of the film, stylistically.

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  1. table9mutant says:

    Good review. 🙂 Great movie!

  2. @table9mutant
    thanks! 🙂

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