Just a little bit of a warning, this posts contains many spoilers. So if you haven’t seen these movies based on the pictures that you see, I suggest you leave right away…or maybe take the risk and read on, for the sake of cinema. I’m not saying any of these movies are bad (I personally enjoyed each and every one that I am writing about) but if I had one wish it would be to re-write the endings to some of these cinematic gems.

1. GREASE (1978)
How it Ended: After singing the reprise of “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee”, Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) realises that she knows how to get her man, Danny Zuko (John Travolta), to finally stick with her forever without insecurities. So she asks her friend Frenchy (a beauty school drop out) to help her transform from Miss Goody-Two-Shoes to the new and “improved” sexy lady in leather.
The Problem: Why on Earth did Sandy stay with a guy who didn’t accept her for who she was? Sure Olivia Newton-John looked great in that tight leather jump suit, but the film gives the wrong moral lesson to young people out there. The message they gave out was that if you wanted someone more popular and “cooler” than you, you gotta change and just be as bad as the rest of them. Sandy sticking to her good girl persona would have been less interesting, but “You’re the One That I Want” could still have been sung no matter what. It’s not even the flying car that bothers me.

2. PRETTY IN PINK (1986)
How it Ended: After Andie Walsh (Molly Ringwald) finally has the courage to go to Prom in a dress that she made, she is left with the choice to choose from two men to be with in the end: one is her sweet and caring best friend Duckie (Jon Cryer) and the other is a popular but sensitive jock, Blaine (Andrew McCarthy). When all the events that has gone on the past few days culminates in Andie’s mind, she ends up choosing Blaine leaving her best friend alone but still accepting.
The Problem: It might be obvious that Andie choose the jock that she’s always had her eye on, hell, Duckie is that kind of guy who will always be there. But after such minimal character development with Blaine, and such sweet scenes with Duckie, we the audience can’t help but root. Duckie didn’t do anything wrong and he was the only one there for Andie when times were hard. And damn…her dress was hideous. PROM DRESS GONE WRONG.

3. THE BIRDS (1963)
How it Ended: When socialite and leading lady, Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren), stupidly goes upstairs when hearing a ruckus (keep in mind she new that there were deadly monster birds attacking the town) she is brutally attacked to near death. As her friends and lover find her body as she yelled and caused all the commotion, they drive her away to the hospital very carefully as hundreds of deadly birds sit on their front yard. The funny thing is, the birds don’t attack.
The Problem: Despite what some people would say, I really loved the scene when Tippi Hedren goes upstairs to be attacked. In my opinion its one of Hitchcock’s most suspenseful scenes. However, when they carefully carry her out to the car to be brought to the hospital was just a little bit too anti-climatic for me. As the townsfolk was being explicitly murdered by these beasts, why were they exempted from being attacked by the hundreds of birds who were just waiting for them in the front yard? Very, very weird. I guess I just don’t get it.

How it Ended: After loosing in an intense dance battle, the characters of John Travolta and Karen Lynn Gorney are disappointed by defeat. But rather then learning an important life lesson and embracing his new found romance with Stephanie, Tony Manero acts out and practically tries to feel up our leading lady. When she escapes, Manero reflects around New York City and comes to realize that he is sorry. Early in the morning, he goes to Stephanie’s house and apologizes and they decide to stay as friends.
The Problem: It was so out of character for Manero to do that. I mean he already developed into someone who seemed to have a heart. All that rubbish about how he wants to better himself goes completely down the toilet by becoming a bad sport and possible rapist. It was not cool. The only thing I liked about the ending was when “How Deep Is Your Love” started playing for the credits. Yay, the movie was done.

How it Ended: When the unconventional Addams family finally beats out Uncle Fester’s (Christopher Lloyd) evil new bride Debbie (Joan Cusak), Wednesday (Christina Ricci) and her boyfriend enjoys a beautiful moonlight walk in their  graveyard garden. But as Wednesday’s new beaux tells her about the sorrow he feels for Debby, Debbie’s hand rises from the dead to give the little man a bit of scare.
The Problem: This is possibly one of my ultimate guilty pleasures from the 90s. It was almost perfect in my eyes. The film is gorgeous to look at, it had a great script and such fun performances. But the ending just left it a bit corny and I always get disappointed every time I see it. The Addams’ family is demented, they’re not demonic.

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